13 January 2016

The Natural Deodorant: Hippy Paste by Earth Concious

Another day another UK natural brand, this time Hippy Paste by Earth Concious [love the name!] they make natural deodorant pastes as a wonderful alternative to the chemical based spray and roll on deodorants that are so readily available. Many of the off shelf deodorants contain Aluminium  which acts as a block to sweat, however we need to sweat [or perspire in a ladylike manner!] in order to release toxins from our body, these toxin then get released elsewhere [so inside our lovely bodies!] I began avoiding non natural deodorants, to avoid dark marks under my arms and have had great experiences with natural spray [wet] deodorants. The paste [or wax as it feels and looks more like a solid wax] is new to me, I've been using it for a week straight and its easier to apply than I first thought.

I apply straight after showering with fingers using a small amount. I have had no reactions to Hippy Paste but I would suggest you patch test. The first few days I wore sleeveless tops and it worked pretty well, no funny looks due to the dreaded BO, however I did wear with a polo neck one day and it was busy in the salon so it was hot, and I must be honest I was sweating like a pig! and though I was dripping and uncomfortable I didn't smell bad so it definitely deodorises. The only downer for me is the application and the fact that I can't really re apply throughout the day [though you don't need to I'm just a little OCD about BO], I wish it came with a applicator or something so I could get it out of the pot more easily.

That being said I love the simple ingredients and the brands transparency, I also liked the scent its very subtle but nice. Hippy Paste is good value for money [£5.00], you only need to use a small amount and it should last longer the regular deodorant and it's a lot better for you.


 Certified organic coconut oil, certified organic arrowroot powder, certified organic shea butter, sodium bicarbonate, beeswax, certified organic lemon essential oil, certified organic orange essential oil.


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