29 January 2013

The Hive

The Lipstick: Accessorize

I'm currently loving Accessorize lipsticks, they are great value (£5) and have an amazing matte finish I have a huge crush on Passionate and Head Over Heels  and I'm a sucker for this cute packaging!  


19 January 2013

The Box: Birchbox Launches in the UK

New year new subscription box....well old box new country! Birchbox has hit our shores and guess what...I like it! I was pretty much over beauty boxes before they even began mostly because a lot of them seem to be all smoke and mirrors (big old box full of nothing) the only box I subscribe to is Graze Box because I like nuts! 
However I was pleasantly surprised by the Birchbox, which has a good mix of products including the yummiest peppermint tea I have ever tasted along with products for skin and hair from brands that were new to me. My only gripe is that the samples though high end are sample sized which is fine for lip gloss but a sachet of body crème doesn't go far and I can't tell if I like a product from a thimble sized sample. But the quality of products included in the box shines through I'll get a lot of use from the Fresh Lip Treatment and after trying the KMS Quick Blow Dry Spray I'm  A fan. So think quality over quantity!

16 January 2013

Inna Modja Has Kinks In Her Hair

Naturalista, Singer/Songwriter & blogger Inna Modja has released an anthem for our tresses 'Kinks In My Hair' from her album Love Revolution I caught up with the Mali born Paris based artist....

14 January 2013

The Dookie Bracelets As Seen On Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu preformed at the BET Honours wearing these fabulous chunky gold fabric bracelets! Dookie Bracelets are the brain child o Tennille McMillan founder Nakimuli an on line boutique dedicated to women's clothing and accessories. Ms Badu is a fan of Dookie Bracelets wearing them numerous times over the last few months, she has also been seen rocking the brands colourful leggings.

11 January 2013

Isossy Children

Freya and I are in love with brand Isossy children's wear a vibrant clothing line for children 0-14 years.
influenced heavily by wax prints the line gives a modern twist to a traditional African fabric. I love the peter pan collars and bold jumpsuits (reminds of a mini Solange!) check out the brands website here and follow them on Facebook here

Back On Youtube.......

Freya makes her YouTube début!

It's all about the slippers! 
Me: Camo Jeans from ZARA, Scarf & Slippers from Primark
Freya: Zebra print leggings from Next, & vest from TKmaxx (hair bow DIY)

Solange Knowles @ Premiere Of “Girls”

Wearing the hell out of that Just Cavalli pant suit in NYC 

10 January 2013

The Chunky Twists

Project 'grow out bob' is now in full swing, I'm currently sporting chunky twists or 'Havana Twists' as they are referred to. I didn't use the Havana Twist hair, however I did use the invisible join technique (check it out here) this such a simple and effective way of adding length to your hair as the technique puts next to no stress on your natural hair and scalp.  
I used an afro kinky twist hair by Jadore (sorry no website but any good quality kinky textured hair will do the job) I used 2 bags of hair and I'm wearing about 30-40 twists and they are as light as a feather!
As a first attempt I'm pleased with the outcome as I've never been a huge fan of chunky braids or twists on me because of the weight (they look soooo heavy) but this is technique allows the twists to appear fuller without having to use to much hair.

8 January 2013

The Music: 2013 Must Hears

2013 looks to be the making of a great year for my ears, heading for greatness are AlunaGeorge a duo whose track Your Drums, Your Love has been on constant repeat in my household. Along with singer/songwriters Arlissa, Laura Mvula & Lianne La Havas and NY based duo Lionbabe aka Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman I'm set for a year of musically treats.... I'll be watching this space!

7 January 2013

She's Got Curb Appeal

My all time favourite blog Curb Appeal has featured My current hair crush (and person crush) Ruqayyah aka Ruru aka Ruru Jungle she is basically is a cool chica! (with a clothing line coming soon!) I strongly suggest you follow and support Curb Appeal! not only do they feature a rare mix of characters but the photography is on point (I love the intimate apartment shots that make me want to up sticks and move to New York) for lots more pictures visit NY Curb Appeal

6 January 2013

Life Via Instagram

Happy New Year people! The last two weeks have been crazy lots of running around but I did however manage to find time to take down my mini twists! it took me all night but by the grace of god I retained my hair (and my fingers!) 
My hair has grown LOADS! but the cut I had when my hair was twisted doesn't really translate with the fro so I'm growing it out with the help of chunky twists and a wig! (wig by Anytime, style Geneva in colour 4)
I've also been using Beautiful Textures (late much!) I love the detangling shampoo and leave in conditioner, I'll get round to a full review soon.
The little lady is growing fast and keeping mummy and daddy VERY busy! 
More posts coming soon in the mean time follow me 
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Sharleen Dziire For Elle SA

5 January 2013

Fatima Siad for Wildfox

Does this shoot look familiar? Wildfox pays homage to possible the greatest teen movie of the 90's Clueless!

4 January 2013

Miyanda For Dress To Kill Magazine

Hair Talk With Susy of African Creature

Firstly introduce yourself? Where are you from and what do you do?
My name is Susy! Some people know me as africancreature. I am a nyc based hairstylist and I own a online vintage shop called susyscloset. I practice drums in my spare time and I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I'm from the boogie down bronx in some hood, but I live in queens now.
How long have you been natural?
I've been natural for 6 years
If you have transitioned to natural what prompted your move from processed to natural hair?
Its funny because I relaxed my hair when I was 14 because all the other kids made fun of my natural hair. I loved my hair, I loved the way my mom braided my hair. It was awesome. Later I realized I wanted to continue to be myself so and not care what the other kids thought.

How did you transition, did you big chop?
When I was 16 I went to the barber and shaved it all off. I hated they way my hair looked it was dead and had split ends for years.
What were the main reasons for your choice to wear your natural hair?
My hair was at its worst state permed I just had to chop it all off.

What are your earliest hair memories? How did these memories influence your hair journey today?
I remember sitting in between my moms laps while she parts my hair in preparation for a perm. It burned so much but I really wanted my hair straight. So i did what I had to do. I never want to go through that again.
What does having naturalhair mean to you?
Natural hair built a even greater confidence in me. I never thought i was pretty enough if i didn't have my hair permed. I never thought it was cool to have natural hair because of what I saw around me. I don't know I just felt like that was the best move for me.  Everyones different and everyones confidence is built differently. Some people are confident with weaves, some with relaxers and some natural. You just gotta rock whats right for you.

How do you keep your hair looking so good?
Ugh long process. Lol. I shampoo then Detangle my hair part by part (with cheap conditioner & water then i put my hair into 6 big braids. Rinse everything out then put the Conditioner i really want to use then use Deep conditioner. Rinse and dry the excess water with a towel then apply cantu leave in conditioner with extra virgin olive oil and black castor oil on my ends.
What products do you use in your hair?
I use nunaat products, queen Nefertiti, cantu and natural oils

What are your go to hair styles?
My fro, I did a braid out the night before and pick it out
How do you protect your hair in the winter months?
I put braids or do a full head weave.

Do you have any advice for women starting out on their natural journey?
Youtube should be your best friend and congratulations welcome to the team.
Tell us about your style?
Im just me i wear what i feel like wearing. Im not really a certain style but i can say a little more afrocentric.
What are your favourite places to shop?
I strictly thrift, salvation army, churches, garage sales. Im starting to love forever 21 in queens
How is your natural hair procieved in your job roll?
People love it and they enjoy seeing it especially when I'm their hairstylist. My clients feel better that I'm natural because they think ill know how to treat their hair better than someone who doesn't have natural hair. And thats understandable.
Youtube: africancreature
Instagram: africancreature


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