13 June 2013

The Tools: Eco Tools

I adore Eco Tools brushes, since picking up a 4 piece finishing set from my local TK maxx I'm now obsessed with them! They are like the brush equivalent of pokenmon card 'gotta catch em all!' 
I'm now the proud owner of a domed bronzer  brush which is great for applying bronzer or powder in one sweep and it's as soft as hell! I've also got a buffing brush, it's flat edge means you get excellent coverage and an airbrushed finish and it's possibly my most favourite beauty item EVER! I use it daily to easily apply my Hello Beautiful Mineral Foundation (makes the whole tap and swirl thing a lot easier! or is it swirl and tap....)

"Getting gorgeous, going green, and giving back is what we are all about! EcoTools is a brand from Paris Presents Incorporated and a leader in eco-conscious beauty products, most notably known for its incredibly soft cosmetic brushes. We take pride in offering a collection of cosmetic accessories and bath products that feature innovative, earth-friendly materials" learn more here


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