21 June 2013

The Interview: Cheryl Of Viridian Nutrition

Some of you may remember that I had started taking Viridian Supplements a little over a month ago, I'd been using Viridians Beauty Oil along with Beauty Complex Tablets. I know many of you have you favourite vitamins and supplements, but have you taken the time to find out what is in your tablets? Many supplements contain things like Talc and Titanium Dioxide which some people question being in our cosmetics, but what about what we put into our mouths. I spoke to the founder of Viridian Cheryl.....

Firstly why are vitamins and supplements important? Can they ever be taken as a replacement for a healthy diet?
Nutrition is a fundamental cornerstone to human health. Every single reaction, biochemical pathway, and physiological event that takes place in our bodies, requires nutrients at some stage. An elaborate and perfectly organised sequence of vitamins, minerals, fats, and amino acids, allow our bodies to function on a day to day basis. However, when our needs in this area are not met, things can quickly begin to go awry. A diet based around whole foods, fruits vegetables, and the right types of fats can be the greatest health insurance we can have. Nutritional supplementation is also a practical tool. It is a sad fact that in today’s modern world, we cannot rely 100% upon the quality and nutrient density of even the best fresh produce, due to intensive farming, depleted soils and environmental factors. Coupled with this, we have far greater physical and emotional demands placed upon us, meaning that very often our requirements for specific nutrients are higher than they ever have been. Nutritional supplements, when used correctly can be a valuable tool in addressing such issues.“

There are many vits and supplements on the Market what makes viridian different from the rest?
Viridian was founded in 1999 on three fundamental principles – to create an exceptional range of healthful food supplements and to make a significant contribution to the funds of children’s and environmental charities. Our commitments to Purity, the Environment & Community Support make us very different to the mass-market brands.
Many vitamin companies are owned by giant global corporations, Viridian is British, privately-owned and family-run which means we can take care of our customers in a more personal manner.”

Why should we be concerned with what are vitamins are made of?
The key Viridian difference is purity. We don’t add any nasties to our supplements. No colourings, flavourings or manufacturing aids such as magnesium stearate which is used as a slippery agent to speed manufacture . For instance, most supplements will include titanium dioxide – the bright white powder used to make the white lines at Wimbledon or on football pitches, to standardise the colour of their tablets and capsules – Viridian supplements will appear brown, green, pink or variations depending on the ingredients and season. It’s really important to check the label of your vitamins. You wouldn’t sprinkle titanium dioxide, talc, shellac, or magnesium stearate over your dinner, like a condiment - so why accept these in your food supplements?

How long before you can see the results of viridian supplements
This will vary from person to person and from supplement to supplement. That’s why it’s a good idea to pop into your local independent health food store for one-to-one advice. Generally speaking, we suggest a 90-day trial of any supplement before being sure of the results, but some will be quicker to act.

What are your suggestions for healthy skin and hair? 
For problem skin, try our Clear Skin Complex together with Clear Skin Omega Oil, both of which are inspired by the Clear Skin Cookbook by Dale Pinnock, the medicinal chef. The response to these supplements has been tremendous. For general skin, hair and nail maintenance, I suggest Ultimate Beauty Complex capsules together with Ultimate Beauty Omega Oil. The oil supplements can be taken from the spoon or added to food, just don’t cook with them or you’ll damage the healthy elements. For nails, our brand new Ultimate Beauty Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil is fabulous, just dot a drop from the pipette on to each nail and massage twice daily.

Am I glowing........

I've been using the supplements for a little while and have noticed at change in how I feel in general, my hair and nails have grown stronger and I feel more upbeat and energised which may be due to the supplements or the fact that I've been experimenting with ways to take my oil, so my food choices have been rather healthy, I also feel that if there is the option to go the non toxic route why not do it!

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