16 May 2013

Thinking Outside The Beauty Box

Another day another beauty subscription box, the box market is becoming ridiculously over saturated, with practically a box for everything and every taste. I'm not quite sold on the box craze, I've had some rather sketchy experience with Glossy Box allegedly one of the leading boxes, whom have the worst customer service I have ever come across and companies that boxes never actually materialise. That being said I've also had some good boxes from the likes of Birchbox.

The idea of beauty subscription boxes work well in theory, a selection of usually (4-6) product samples arrive monthly at your door for around £10-12, great for bloggers and beauty junkies. but the problem I have found with many of the boxes is consistency ....I have heard of so many instances of receiving a box with full sized products and the next box is basically six sachets of body conditioner and shampoo. 
add to that, wait lists and dodgy shipping it smacks of an industry in it's infancy which is expanding far to quickly. With all these new boxes popping up it's hard to separate the good from the down right crappy!

So for a box to have peeked my interest, It really has to be bringing something a little different to the table, which is why I subscribed to new box BeautEco, which uses sustainable methods when it comes to packaging (it's 100% recyclable)  and shipping, BeautEco also has a range of naturally derived samples. But best of all BeautEco gives you the opportunity to pick the contents of your box so no more random samples that will be left unused. 

The box I received had 5 products 2 full sized and 3 fair sized samples from a variety of brands (I'll review the products separately) the box cost £10 + PP and arrived swiftly though I had a few issues with logging in to the BeautEco website the team where excellent at sorting it out for me, Also they were only excepting Paypal (but as I write this post they are now excepting card payments) I'll need to have a few more boxes before I'm completely singing BeautEco boxes praises but this is one of the better boxes I've subscribed to thus far I just hope they keep up with the quality of samples and brands on offer. Like I said I'm not 100% sold on the subscription box craze but I'm open to having my mind changed........ 


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