28 May 2013

The Mixer: Strength Of Nature's Brit Beauty

A F R O B E L L A  & K E I S H A of Editor of Blackhair Magazine

I'll tell you what! Strength of Nature know how to throw a good party. The Brit Beauty mixer was hosted by Afrobella and Care For Your Hair with special guests Charlotte Mensah (Who showcased some amazing hairstyles using products from the Strength of Nature family) and the director of Strength of Nature and I tell you it was a great event!
Very simple, just the chance to meet Afrobella and talk to the brand reps, plus get to mix with UK bloggers and naturals from around the country. The simplicity was the key, no bells and whistles just like minded people having a good time. (and food and drink!)

They kept the information simple with just a little talk from the director about strength of nature and their ethos, which is also simple, affordable hair care that works or in her own words
"we shouldn't have to substitute shoes for hair care" I'm sure many women would agree with that!
Then we heard from Afrobella who had been doing the rounds this bank holiday appearing at curlvolution and Afro Hair and Beauty live,  She was very down to earth and total blogger inspiration.......she was also a trooper posing for picture and taking time to chat to everyone. I have been following Afrobella blog for 6 years she was one of the reasons I started to blog myself and she was a delight. (fan girling over!)
I managed to nab some beautiful textures curl definer styling custard which will be part of a give away coming very soon!
I'm so pleased big brands are starting to really take the UK natural hair and beauty scene seriously and are planning these great events on British soil and they have some good products for women who want  products that are readily available and inexpensive and that don't mind a few questionable ingredients (no shade intended I for one really like Beautiful Textures leave in conditioner) Strength of Natures brands include, Beautiful Textures, African Pride, Mega Growth, Elasta QP to name a few. What I took away from the event was that we have choices, choices of brand we chose to use and choices of ways we want to wear our hair. 

C H A R L O T T E  giving tips on how she created this look on the stunning model

Hairstyles create by award winning stylist Charlotte Mensah

S T A C E Y aka Naprika

C H A R L O T T E  award winning stylist 
A M B E R  of  Brown bombshell beauty 
K A M A N Z A celebrity make up artist

B e U N I Q U E founder

N A T U R A L  H A I R  D A I L Y founder & Friend

C U R L V O L U T I O N founder

R O N K E of Ondo Lady & J O of Patent Purple Life

H U N I I of Memoirs of a Lost Girl & Friend

B E L L A  &  B E L L E


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