24 May 2013

The Cartoon: Bino & Fino African Educational DVD

Kids for some ungodly reason means early mornings and even more distressing is the run of the mill kids TV, So this morning I was delighted to have a rest from the hyper loudly dressed kids telly presenters by watching Bino & Fino an African educational cartoon made in Nigeria.
Brother and sister team Bino & Fino have great adventures with the help of their friends, I was sent the DVD which has several colourful episodes in which the bespectacled Bino and afro puff rocking Fino learn about Nigerian Independence Day, enjoy fruit salad and try their hand a making a snail soup! Freya is only now starting to have a little bit of an attention span for cartoons and she managed to watch one full episode before getting distracted. But the mix of bright drawing mixed with real photography would keep older children entertained for the full DVD I'm sure (and adults)
The DVD is available to buy now and a full series is in production for the end of 2013, the show has already been broadcast  in the UK on Sky and in South Africa.  Not to worry if the show doesn't air where you are, like I said you can buy the DVD or check out Bino & Fino's great YouTube channel (I now know how to count to ten in Yoruba!)


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