21 May 2013

50 Shades Of Beige: An Open Letter To Cosmetics Brands

Wearing a CC cream that is apparently self adjusting

It's been one of those morning, I have ranted and raved over this subject for quite some time Makeup shades for women of colour. Lets start at the very beginning......Yesterday I found this the image below on tumblr the image sparked my usual kiss teet but the comments below really caught my eye (all credit for '50 shades of Beige' go to thescienceofchic lol) I re posted the picture today on my Instagram and was not shocked by the comments coming in from people in Italy, Australia, Spain, Germany........all saying the same thing were the hell is my shade ? So here is my open letter to those 'forgetful' cosmetics brands.

Dear Leading High Street (drug store) Cosmetics Brands

Do you only cater for people with light skin ?  I only ask because  when I visit my local store I am  under represented, that is if I am represented at all. I can pick from shades of porcelain, vanilla, beige, tan, medium tan, real medium tan......and caramel. So much choice and variation if you are the right side tan. Though I may not be the majority I am a consumer and I exist (in living colour!) if your brand is not for me might I suggest a 'whites only' sign at every counter, archaic I know but its what your counters appear to be saying across the world. 

I have the right to choice like any other, and should not be pigeon-holed, I should not have to rely on ordering my make up online or spending considerably more than my fairer counterparts who can pick up a foundation, BB or CC cream (or any must have 'essential')l for under £10 from any store I desire.

I've posted numerous times on this issue, I have had many industry insiders giving me many reasons why I am ignored by your brand, I understand sales, profits, and supply and demand but what I don't understand is why as a consumer I don't exist to you ?  or if I do exist It is only in one or two instances. Why does my brown money not appeal to you ? A full spectrum of colours should be a basic requirement when creating a line of cosmetics, a spectrum that caters for a cross section of society. I'm not saying you must match every single shade known to man, but one brown shade in a collection of 12-15 just isn't good enough I'm afraid. Nor is using a brown face to sell your cosmetics because they are currently popular yet the alleged shade that the model/celebrity wears is not available.

So I'm not going to shrug and just head to the lip glosses, eyes shadows and lipsticks that are more universal. If my brown money is not good enough for you to cater for, than you can keep your lipstick and your nail polish if you don't cater for ALL you don't cater to ME.

Kindest regards


Guess that doesn't leave me with much choice, I'm either going to be out of pocket or barefaced. Drug store brands are not the only culprits, high end brands also leave a lot to be desired as well as natural eco brands. We can argue the statistics of there being no demand for darker shades with them often being discontinued, but if we are not made aware of these shades how are we suppose to purchase them. The term 'perfect match' is added to pretty much all foundation these days and it very rarely is unless you are willing to pay £20+ for a 'leading' brand or play ashy face roulette with the internet

Maybe my little stand, doesn't stand for very much at all, but it IS time to be the change we want to see in the beauty industry, if they don't cater for us lets cater for ourselves. brands like Anita Grant (who has recently launched a mineral foundation line Hello Beautiful) have already started doing this. You will eventually find your shade through research, trail and error (or just mixing and matching) but personally I really don't think we should have too.

Ghost faced killah style!


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