22 April 2013

The Tutorial: The Obnoxious Turban

I get asked for head wrap tutorials most days, I have done a few on YouTube (June Ambrose and Solange inspired) The one that I get asked how to do the most is the oversized obnoxiously big turban (in the style of June Ambrose or Taali M)
It's actually the easiest look to create all you need is a very large piece of fabric, preferably a thick fabric (though you can get the look with a silk scarf you won't get crazy biggness!) I've used a batik fabric from Nigeria but you can get fabric like this here

  • Fold you fabric so it long rather than thick, the thickness should be enough to cover the nape of your neck to your widows peak (front of head).
  • Place the fabric on your head as if you where putting on a towel after a hair wash (1).
  • Secure the fabric by tying the fabric once at the front of your head(2).
  • You should now have two sections of fabric, take one section and make you quiff, by fanning out the fabric the way you desire.
  • Pull both sections back, you can twist the fabric at this point (3), tuck the tail end of the fabric under the fabric at the nap of your neck(4).

You can experiment with different twists and fold, but this is the basic, easy Obnoxious Turban Technique


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