25 April 2013

The Haul 2: Cocktail Cosmetics

Search engines are by far one of the best inventions of the 21st century, just pop what you are looking (in this case natural make up remover) into Google and with a few clicks of a button you have spent £16 on a bunch of stuff you don't really need because of a cyber sale (at least I got the make up remover)

Another great on line boutique Cocktail Cosmetics stock a range on eco friendly, organic, non toxic and cruelty free beauty brands such as Sprout (all natural) PritiNYC (non toxic) and NYX (cruelty free)
I ordered Sprout make up remover, NYX Lip and Eye Pencils & Xtreme Lip Cream along with the PritiNYC nail polish in Lampshade Poppy.
Cocktail Cosmetics also gives away great samples with your order I got a refill pan in Teal by Neve Cosmetics and a finishing spray from Skindinavia which I think was pretty cool on an order of only £16!
So far I'm in love with the NYX lip cream though it's not completely non toxic it doesn't contain parabens (some items do however)  and appears to be silicone free (it does have synthetic bees wax, which probably isn't great), It's a colour called Absolute Red and that is a pretty accurate name it's rich and vibrant. My least favourite so far is the PritiNYC nail polish, I thought it was a lemony colour, but it's actually a 'kill bill' style vibrant yellow, which is ok it's just not the colour I was expecting....I really don't understand why websites don't take proper pictures of stock that is colour determined! I mean I took these pictures and they are an accurate representation on the true colour! (just annoys me) beside that the polish is a bit like painting my nails with water colour paints I needed to apply 4 coats before it looked like the colour it was suppose to be. I'm going to try them again as I'm all for second chances but so far meh!

I haven't had a chance to use the rest of the products yet but I'll keep you posted, Cocktail Cosmetics had great service and the cyber sale is great check it out here


use discount code: WIGWITCH