16 April 2013

The Colour: Creme Of Nature Soft Black

It's time to get back to my roots, literally! so I coloured my hair. I don't usually home colour I've learned from past mistakes (some of you may remember my orange hair shame a few years back) and always seek professional help when it comes to permanent colour changes. But for some reason as I walked the aisle of my local 'black' hair shop I picked up a box of hair dye. I used Creme of Nature because it apparently has 100% certified organic ingredients (on further inspection in VERY fine print it says the 'organic' ingredients are in the sachet of shampoo and conditioner erm complete misrepresentation much!) So I purchased my questionable organic hair dye for £3.99 (nuff said!)
I used the colour on the ends of my hair (so my already coloured hair) avoiding my roots and scalp as I wanted to go back to my natural shade (and quite frankly don't want harsh chemicals on my scalp if it can be avoided). I used colour 3.0 Soft Black which is like a 1B or almost black. I got great coverage, as you would expect with a permanent hair dye and my ends feel in good condition. The colour bleeds a lot! I have a black pillow case now and no doubt a tub full of dye come next wash day! I love the black however in hindsight I'll probably wait for my stylist come my next colour I managed to get colour everywhere!


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