17 April 2013

Hello Beautiful: Mineral Foundation

Last week I let you know about Hello Beautiful the new mineral make up line from Anita Grant.....Well my samples arrived this morning and I'm not one to sit around and not get stuck in! I've being playing with them all morning and found a great match in the process.
I'll be honest with you although I have been complaining about the lack of shades for darker skin tones I was a little overwhelmed when I was trying to select a shade from the Anita Grant website, with 29 shades to choose from and it being the internet and all, it was a little intense. However the website helps you to narrow down your choices, with side notes on skin complexion and undertones and samples pots for less than £2 you can try before you buy full size. 
If you are still having trouble figuring out your skins undertones try the 'white cloth test'
make sure you hair is off your face and that your face is completely clean of make up, place a pure white cloth around your shoulders, the fabric should reflect what the tone of your skin is. If your skin looks more yellow, your undertones are warm. Your undertone is cool if your skin looks more bluish

Cool = pink, red or bluish undertones
Warm = yellow or golden undertones)
Neutral = a mix of warm and cool undertones)

I got 5 samples, Fondant au chocolate, chocolate velvet cupcake, hot fudge, milk chocolate espresso and gateau au chocolate. I narrowed them down to Gateau au Chocolate which is great if you have a rich mahogany or chocolate skin complexion and subtle yellow or olive undertone. I got good coverage with one light application which gives you a very natural finish but enough coverage to rid you of dark spots or uneven areas of skin. I also built up the foundation for a more dramatic look, the more you add the more flawless your skin looks! The Hello Beautiful mineral foundation has some shimmer to it that gets picked up in the light but doesn't look grey or dull in natural light, the foundation also photographs beautifully!

Gateau au Chocolate 10g £12.95

The left over samples will work for contouring and highlighting so I don't feel I've wasted them. I'm pretty smitten with the idea of mineral foundation Hello Beautiful is:

• Great for all skin types.
• Made from sustainably sourced natural mineral ingredients, no fillers. 
• Talc free, bismuth oxychloride free, carmine free and paraben free. 
• Contains active, uncoated, ingredients used in sunblock. Zinc oxide - a healing and anti-bacterial ingredient, and titanium dioxide offers protection from UVB and short UVA radiation. Source: University of California School of Medicine. 
• No micronized ingredients and no nano-particles. 
• Long lasting. 
• Waterproof. 
• Cruelty free and does not contain animal ingredients. 
• Packaged in lockable double sifter jars. 
• Amazing custom coverage when applied in light buildable layers. 
• Will never leave your skin feeling heavy.
• Non-comedogenic, won't clog pores, allowing your skin to breathe (via anitagrant.com)

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