1 March 2013

The Regimen: Hair Care

I've done this post so many times, but as my hair journey evolves so does my regimen, plus I'm always getting introduced to new products but as of the last few months my regimen is as follows

Dependent on the style I'm rocking I usually wash my hair every week, this is the big wash (you know the one pre poo/shampoo/deep conditioner)

  • I pre-poo (use an oil heavy product before shampooing) by Ojon called Damage Reverse I used to pre-poo every other week but since I coloured my hair I pre-poo every week to combat dryness. I use the Damage Reverse on my hair for as long as possible sometimes for a whole day prior to washing my hair. When I'm pre pooing i take the time to give myself a head massage.

  • If I have had a heavy product week I'll use a detox shampoo (Naked Body Care do a good one that doesn't strip your hair) if not I use a regular shampoo currently using Tresemme Naturals, which smells great and doesn't strip my hair of natural oils (I also like Original Moxies shampoo, Black Soap, Anita Grant Shampoo Bars  and the Ojon shampoo)

  • If I'm going to do a wash and go I use a moisturising conditioner like Tresemme Naturals conditioner and leave a little bit in my hair, if I'm not going to do a wash and go I use a deep conditioner  I really like Beautiful Textures deep conditioner and Original Rhassoul Deep Condish it's works really well for my hair. If needed I'll co wash mid week (usually to refresh wash and go) I'll follow the same steps just leaving out the pre-poo and shampoo 

  • For wash and go's I will use a leave in conditioner usually by Design Essentials they have a great daily moisturiser I then use from the same range Twist & Set setting lotion (with a little Eco Styler to define my ends) I finish up with an oil to seal like JBCO or unrefined shea butter and leave to completely air dry. When it's dry I will blast my roots with a blow drier to stretch them (for big hair) for a know heat option I use an afro pick

My wash and go's usually last 2-3 days, mainly because I sleep with my hair in a pineapple  which is basically a really high pony tail covered with a scarf. The pineapple helps to protect your hair from your tossing and turning by keeping the main part of your 'do' intact as it is high on your head.

When I take out my Pineapple I'm left with a high top! so I shake out my hair, spray with water and re apply Design Essentials Daily Moisturising lotion and JBCO then pick out with an Afro Pick

The colour I have in my hair was professionally applied by an Aveda stylist using Aveda colour which is 97% naturally derived, It's a permanent tint with no high lift or bleach so it only shows up in the sunlight as it's true colour which started as burgundy and has faded to a brown


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