27 March 2013

The Midi Ring

I'm currently obsessed with midi rings, yes to some it may seem that I have had an allergic reaction and my rings no longer fit but to the trendy trendsetters I'm totally rocking the current trend of wearing your rings above the knuckle the aptly named 'midi' ring. I love a cheap and easy way to look chic, brands like ASOSUrban Outfitters, & H&M all have a selection of the coveted midi ring, or you can always buy the ring of your choice in a smaller size. Celebs like Rihanna have been seen wearing heart, spike or diamond encrusted midi rings, I personally like the minimalist look (think Balenciaga) so opted for simple gold bands that I picked up from Clas Ohlson....hold up....yes the hardware shop! I got 5 Compression Olives (I don't know what they are for!) for under £1.50 and they make great rings!



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