8 March 2013

The FlixiBraid: Messy Goddess Braid Up Do

I'm a huge fan of ethereal goddess look, it has a laid back elegance that is easy to achieve but always looks like you put in heaps of effort. I created a messy goddess braid up do using the FlexiBraid from Real Hair By Clara, a versatile hair band that can be used to achieve a multitude of looks.
The FlexiBraid comes in Jumbo (£15) or Standard(£10) in a selection of colours, I have colour 1B, which matches the roots of my hair. The FlexiBaid is made from synthetic hair and has a natural shine that blends with the lustre of real hair.

As opposed to the traditional braided hair band the FlexiBraid allows you to place the braid in different parts of your head, so you can use it with hair swept to the side, to decorate a high pony tail or a low bun

How To
  • Part you hair into 3 section (2 at the front and leave the back out).
  • Lightly back comb hair on the crown of your head for a little height and pin the back of your hair at the nape of your neck.
  • place the FlexiBraid along the part you have made separating the back of your hair with the 2 sections at the front.
  • Secure the FlexiBraid. 
  • With the two loose section at the of your hair, loosely twist them back to cover the ends of your FlexiBraid. 
  • Pull out some strands of hair for the easy breezy look.

I think this is a good little style tool, and it definitely jazzes up an otherwise every day style check out the Real Hair By Clara website for more hair tips and to pick up your own FlexiBraid


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