4 March 2013

Shopping Smarter & A Little Greener!

I started my career working for a well known haircare and cosmetics brand, I work in one of their salons as a branch manager and I remember the first day of my training going to head office and the trainer greeting us with a beaming (somewhat manic) smile and saying "welcome, you are now apart of the brand loving known to most as the tree hugger brand"
At the time I was aghast and wondered what the hell sort of hippy commune I had entered into fast forward 7 years and I would consider myself if not a tree hugger than a branch hugger!
My experiences with the unnamed brand (unnamed not because it was a bad experience quite the contrary but why over share the details) held me in good steed when it came to my knowledge of ingredients along with my natural hair journey and beauty blogging that has introduced me to so many brands most of which are naturally derived or organic.

So why am I clinging to my branch and not dry humping a tree? well the price is a huge factor, in a recession I'm not sure I can bring myself or tell you guys to part with your hard earned cash for what is in essence a bit of shea butter mixed with a few organic berries, don't get me wrong I love me some shea butter but not for £20 +

also what has me concerned is the carbon footprint of my lovely products, I love my American cousins but I become more and more concerned with the air miles my pomade (or any other products) is totting up

And lastly when it comes to cosmetics the foundation shades for darker skin tones are few and far between so even when I try to switch up my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse I can rarely find the right shade, this is a topic that I have discussed in length here but not really what this post is about

So the point! So here I am clinging to my branch, being stung by high prices, high shipping cost, amounting a massive carbon footprint and kind of missing the point.

A compromise is needed, So I've decided shop smarter and in doing this shop a little greener! Here is how I intend to do it;

Buy British! (Or locally dependent on where you are) there is no point having a 100% natural products if it is being shipped half way around the world to get to me, So I'll turn a blind eye to a few dodgy ingredients if they travel a shorter distance plus many very good naturally derived products are made in your own back yard (see who's home grown here) this also will boost your local economy! 

Top Brit Brands include
Naked Bod Care
Anita Grant
Liz Earle
Molton Brown
The Sanctuary
The Body Shop
Natural Bubbles
Good Things
Mahogany Naturals UK

Shop around, and stop impulse buying! if you find a product check first to see if you are getting the best deal for your money.

Bulk buy, by this I mean if you just have to have that natural hair butter from San Francisco why not stock up or go in with friends one big delivery = one flight rather than loads of little ones, also be sure to check if they have UK stockists 

Or try using a website that has a variety of brands so you can buy everything you need in one go such as toiletries, make up, body care ect 

Walk or catch the big red limo to the shopping centre! leave the car at home, less pollution and you can only buy what you can physically carry win win!

Research your brands, no point trying to do your bit for the environment if the brand isn't doing theirs, most brands now are very transparent when it comes to their sourcing if they aren't then ask!

DIY, Nothing beats it really though I've never tried to make my own foundation!

I could go on for days but rambling is not good for the wrinkles...so read more of my recession busting tips dedicated to natural hair in the March Pride Magazine


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