1 February 2013

The Review: Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight

I decided to try using a semi permanent styling spray there are a few on the market, they work by coating your hair in Keratin for a smoother, longer lasting blow dry. I used  3 Day Straight by John Frieda (£6.99 100ml) which is really easy to use, I sectioned my damp hair into four sections and saturated my hair in 3 Day Straight then using a blow drier on a medium heat dried each section then finished with a flat iron (also on a medium heat) 

The Spray left my hair feeling really weird, slightly waxy! but I could flat iron my hair in half the time as formula speeds up the process and you can straighten larger sections however 3 days straight is not really accurate perhaps 3 day poofy! however I think if I used a higher heat setting it would have lasted longer (but I won't test the theory due to the dreaded heat damage!). The waxy feeling eases off after a few days and my hair DID bounce back to its natural state (see last picture)

Headband from Primark

and back to the fro!


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