28 February 2013

The Regimen: Make Up

My everyday make up is super simple and consists of just a few items, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, A bright lipstick and Liz Earle Concealer. I don't do eye make up everyday, mostly because I wear glasses all the time so a slick of mascara does the job mostly (Benefits 'They're Real)  I've been using Maybelline for years and though it's not the most natural option it matches my skin perfectly (which is total fluke as cocoa is the only darker shade stocked in the UK) until I can find a natural/organic foundation that matches and feels light (and is reasonably priced) I'm sticking with Maybelline I used it many years ago before I officially discovered make up then I was introduced to make up brands and have been from Nars to MAC to Liz Earle but nothing is as good as Dream Matte Mousse for me. 

I apply with a sponge (I buy a big bag of sponges from Superdrug and use one or two per week) DMM is great because it is weightless and looks like your not wearing make up. I also use Liz Earle Perfect Fix Concealer great for covering up dark patches giving a flawless finish. I always finish with a bright lip usually in berry shades, My lipstick collection is possibly the worst for green points (I have shades from MAC, MUA, Lime Crime, Accessorize which are mostly full of crap)  but I'm a sucker for bright shades and can't seem to resist though there are some more eco friendly options from Ilia and Mavala
So that's what I do everyday takes about 5 minutes and I'm good to go!

 (Hair styled using Design Essential Daily Moisturiser and Setting lotion, ear cuff from Topshop)


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