5 February 2013

The Lip Gloss: Mavala

Just thought Mavala did diddy little nail polishes? think again the brand has a whole range of make up items which include these vitamin E enriched lip glosses (£10.25). The glosses contain grape seed oil which nourish and keep lips soft. 

Mavala Lip Gloss come in an array of fruity colours I tried Blackcurrent, Grapefruit and Bubble Gum. All the shades are quite pigmented so need to use a lipstick underneath as the colours really pop on their own. 

 The Mavala glosses are also sugar free, we eat up to 7 pounds of lipstick in a life time so I guess this is a good thing!



Bubble Gum
 The Mavala Lip Gloss has quite good staying power due to the hyper pigmentation, I genuinely like all the shades so can't pick a must have for you, so try them all! 

visit  www.mavala.co.uk for stockists