29 January 2013

The Hive

 I flat ironed my hair! It's not a regular occurrence but I just love the versatility of natural hair we truly have the best of both worlds going from straight to curly when ever we want to! 
I used KMS California Quick Blow Dry Spray on damp hair and blow dried my hair in sections, KMS cut down the drying time (so less heat! yippee!) when my hair was completely dry I used Beautiful Textures Curly To Straight Flat Iron Silkner which doesn't do what it says on the tin! my hair was still puffy after flat ironing so I wrapped my hair over night as I didn't want to go over my hair again with the straigtners (won't be purchasing again!) I created the Beehive look using bobby pins, you can check out this post here for tips (back combing optional)
You can also pull this look together with a twist out or stretched hair.


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