10 January 2013

The Chunky Twists

Project 'grow out bob' is now in full swing, I'm currently sporting chunky twists or 'Havana Twists' as they are referred to. I didn't use the Havana Twist hair, however I did use the invisible join technique (check it out here) this such a simple and effective way of adding length to your hair as the technique puts next to no stress on your natural hair and scalp.  
I used an afro kinky twist hair by Jadore (sorry no website but any good quality kinky textured hair will do the job) I used 2 bags of hair and I'm wearing about 30-40 twists and they are as light as a feather!
As a first attempt I'm pleased with the outcome as I've never been a huge fan of chunky braids or twists on me because of the weight (they look soooo heavy) but this is technique allows the twists to appear fuller without having to use to much hair.


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