16 January 2013

Inna Modja Has Kinks In Her Hair

Naturalista, Singer/Songwriter & blogger Inna Modja has released an anthem for our tresses 'Kinks In My Hair' from her album Love Revolution I caught up with the Mali born Paris based artist....

What prompted you to write this track?
"Kinks in my hair" is one of the first tracks I wrote for my second album .For me the first step to happiness is to love and embrace truly who you are. I don't care about standards. When I was in primary and high school , people used to call me names cos' I had a singular look. skinny, Big hair, Hippie etc but I didn't care because my Mama told me to embrace myself truly and be proud.

What designers are you wearing in the video?
I was very excited about creating the looks for this video . I knew exactly what kind of look & Make-up I wanted.I was assisted by a very cool stylist and my Make-up artist Angloma .The designers vary from well known designers such as Chanel and Versace and some lesser known  African designers like Elie Kuame and Mariah Bocoum


How long have you been natural?
I've been natural for more than 8 years now
How do you care for your natural hair?
I really enjoy taking care of my hair. I wear my hair out in puffs and in an afro. I also wear protective styles like wigs and braids. I co-wash my hair bi-weekly and moisturise with the "Supreme Oil" line by Mizani
What are your favourite products?
I love the "Supreme Oil" line by Mizani, and natural products like shea butter and jojoba oil

Where can my we download your music or see you live?
My music is available on Itunes in France, the US, Canada. You can also find my two albums "Love Revolution" and "Everyday is a new World" on Amazon. I've been touring for over a year now, I'm taking a break to work on my third album. But I'll be back on the road in March.
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