3 December 2012

Gift Ideas: 1930's fashion: The definitive Sourcebook

Not sure it's my new residence in mummyland and the fact that I lose weeks at a time covered in baby spit up. I reecently came up for air from the baby puke river and realised it was December! which only means one thing, really long department store adverts, red cups in starbucks and Michael Buble. It's Christmas.

As if there isn't enough to do I'm compiling a few posts full of wonderful gift ideas. 
First off this fabulous  book published in hardback by Goodman Fiell (£30) 1930's Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook is a must for fashion students and fashionista alike. The book is packed full never seen photographs and illustrations  of fashion from the 1930's.

I'm a huge fan of vintage fashion and this is one of the best sourcebooks I have come across with great images. It's easy to read and set out in segments such as evening wear and outerwear. Not does 1930's Fashion highlight the fashion fro the era but a change in style but the significance of the 1930's in industry and society.

This would make a great addition to any coffee table, ideal for work or a leisurely browse

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