4 December 2012

DIY Baby Headbands

Thought I'd try my hand at some DIY and decided to make some headbands for Freya these are my first two attempts.  I was Inspired by My Fair Lady and the monochrome hats worn by Audrey Hepburn. I used odds and ends I found around the house and things I brought from John Lewis. My glue gun is from Clas Ohlson (£9.99)

Glue Gun
Needle and thread
Variety of Ribbons
Gems or diamant√© (you  can use an old earring or accessories)
Petals from fake flowers

  • Measure your babies head with your elastic
  • stitch the ends together, this can be done roughly.
  •  cut a small fragment of ribbon, wrap neatly around your rough stitch neatly sew or glue to cover. (see below)
  •  to make your decoration you can be as creative as you want. there is no specific way to assemble your flower. Just have fun with it!
  •  I used a variety of techniques using ribbon. To make the bow take two different types of ribbon make circle fasten with a glue gun then flatten. With the other ribbon wrap around the middle and fasten at the back with the glue gun.
  •  to make the ornate bow, I cut 4 lengths of ribbon (make a small or as big as you like) glue the edges of each length together making four hoops then glue the base of the hoops together
  • take apart some fake flowers (you can pick some up from the 99p store) and glue your bow and gems to the flower
  • Use a glue gun to fasten your flower to the elastic, use a piece of ribbon or felt to back your flower so that it doesn't irritate your babies delicate head (see below)


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