22 November 2012

The Review: MUA Nail Constellation

3D or 'caviar' nails are all over the place at the moment, I picked up one from MUA (£3) available online or  at Superdugs stores nationwide. MUA have created Nail Constellation line of 3D nail art kits named after star signs, I got Pisces which is a mix of silver, green and peach balls. A lot of the sets available come with a nail polish however the MUA Nail Constellation kit just comes with the beads and applicator. 

The beads are easy to apply, just sprinkle them onto wet nail polish and this should set the beads into place, however I used a topcoat to secure the beads as I wanted it to last. The beads give a great look, I opted to apply to one finger as the whole hand would have been  overkill and very messy!
Talking of mess, the instructions say the eccess beads can go back into the pot, I found this really difficult and my living room floor is now full of small beads!! in hindsight it would have been a better idea to dip my finger in the pot! as the beads got stuck in the dispenser.

I'm not in love with this look, I kind of think it looks like my nail has a acne. and the beads are already falling off, so I would use this for a night out or a photoshoot.


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