12 November 2012

The Eyes: Violent Eyes Review

There back! last year I did a photoshoot for Violent Lips the very cool lip transfers seen on the likes of Kim Kardsashian and Jessie J. The the Unique beauty company now brings us Violent Eyes, sparkly eye appliqués.

I tried out the Jet Black Glitteratti Eyes, which I found alot easier to apply than the Violent Lips, all you do is measure it up to your eye soak with water (like a kids fake tattoo) remove the back and use a Q-Tip to adjust if needed. Make sure you really soak the transfer as I had trouble getting it to stick.

The transfer really does Glitter, although you could probably achieve the look with a dark liquid eye liner and some glitter, Violent Eyes is a lot easier and won't make such a mess. with four different shapes from large to small flicks you can be as dramatic as you want.

Priced around £6.00 for a set of 8, Violent Eyes are available at Harvey Nicholls or from Violent Lips

As a mama who is short on time but big on style Violent Eyes are great, they took less than 5 minutes to apply and you have instant glam! 


use discount code: WIGWITCH