17 October 2012

5 Minute Make Up

It's been a few weeks since my life got turned upside down by the little lady, today after my first full nights sleep (thank you Mr Naturalbelle & god bless expressing milk!) I actually felt like putting on make up! I had a spare 5 minutes between being pooped on, cue my baby proof make up regimen.

The perfect foundation, easy to apply and the perfect shade Maybelines dream matte mousse is my saviour (apply with sponge for even application )

Red lipstick always makes you look like you made more of an effort than you actually did the shade I'm wearing is by MUA in Shade 1

Finally something to wake up those sleep deprived eyes! Benefits Peek-a-brighteyes great for highlighting your peepers and comes with an easy step by step guide for speed and ease (it's idiot proof I promise!)

Not sure when I'll find another 5 minutes to myself so I shall be making the most of today....anyway it's back to Mummyland for now! 

the new normal :)


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