14 September 2012

Events Update From Crystal Afro

I'm back with a mini event update from the land of #TeamnaturalUK.
After the jubilee of events in June, things calmed down a bit over the Summer as we made way for the Olympics to take place here in the UK.
Back in July I attended the Uzima Holistic Expo and I really enjoyed sitting in on the hair seminar given by Morris Roots who is arguably the most famous Loctitians in the UK.
He had fantastic advice for loc wearers and people considering locs. A lot of the ladies in the seminar were concerned with fluff within the locs, but Morris explained that because hair itself is a fibres, it will always attract other fibres, but a good way disguise fluff is to do a black rinse on the hair.

Morris was also kind enough to create some very impressive improvised styles on a few ladies who asked.

At the end of August I attended Beauty Within Me and again enjoyed picking up notes from a series of seminars given by some fantastic entrepreneurs in the health and beauty industry.
Similarly to Uzima, Beauty within me covered a range of topics including skin and healthy eating, as well as natural hair care. The day was hosted by one of my favourite Eastenders Tameka Empson.

The talk from Trichologist Shirley MacDonald (AIT) was especially interesting as it was my first time hearing from a medically qualified hair specialist, who gave some really great information on the science of hair as well as some very serious warnings about dangerous hair care practices.
The discussion panel included owners of both skin and hair care products including:

 (from: R-L) Sonya Evelyn of Fro Her Hair, Belinda Raji of BeUnique Haircare, Ronke Ige of Emi & Ben Skincare, Andrea Lawrence of Tolu Organics; and Clare Eluka of Premae Skincare products.
All of the owners are passionate about keeping their products as orgainic as possible and were asked what 2 items they could not do without. It was interesting to hear their reasons for items such as Coconut Milk, Avocado, Aloe Vera Juice as well as others. I’ll definitely be doing my homework on their health benefits.

After the final seminar everyone did a little bit of shopping on the foyer, and eventually some of us went to grab a bite to eat, which gave us time to chill out and catch up.

As Autumn approaches I’m preparing to clear the calendar again. Unfortunately it’s been confirmed that there will not be a 3rd Natural Lounge event this year, which is very sad news but I’ll keep checking in for the latest news. Visit the Naturalhair Events Page on United KinKdom (http://unitedkinkdom.blogspot.co.uk/p/natural-hair-events.html) to see what’s listed.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the Summer.
Crystal Afro xoxo


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