7 August 2012

Skin Care: African Black Soap

I've been using African black soap (£3.00) from The SheaButter Cottage for the last couple of weeks, this isn't so much a review as we all know the benefits of using all natural products on our skin and hair but more to highlight a sometimes forgotten beauty staple.

The SheaButter Cottage formula only contains, Unrefined coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, cocoa ash (doh), and water and is made by a small group of women in (Ghana ethically and fair!) 
African Black soap is great for relieving acne, clearing skin blemishes and even removing make up. Beware of fake African black soap, it is hard and died black and does not hold the benefits of the real McCoy! which is unscentedbrown and patchy in colour and quite soft.

I've been using African black soap daily as a facial wash and body wash, it leaves skin clean but not tight and can also be used to shampoo hair though I haven't tried that yet.

Due to me baby proofing my life my skin care regime has been stripped back to African black soap, water inside and out, Jamaican Black Castor Oil all of which are natural and multi tasking!

Shea Butter Cottage owner Akua Wood Explains the benefits of African Black Soap.

Make up free, not wearing lipstick my lips are this colour.
The African black soap was a part of my pamper box given to me at my baby shower by Akua 


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