31 July 2012

The Belly: Akuaba Belly Butter

32 + 7  (50 more days to go!)

It's hard to believe I still have a potential 7 weeks to go if I Go up to 41 weeks, I fell like my tummy couldn't possibly grow any more however I have been told it definitely can and this might be the time I start to get some stretch marks. I've been pretty lucky so far and have been keeping my bump moisturised  from around 6 weeks with Moi Moisture from Afrocenchix which lasted around 7 months! I have now switched to Cioccolatina (pronounced choco-latina) Akuaba Belly Butter(£8.85) from the Shea Butter Cottage. 
The fragrance free butter contains vitamin rich shea, cocoa, marula and papaya. 
Keeping skin moisturised during pregnancy will help with stretch marks but may not combat them completely though I've been lucky with my bump my breast have a few lines (from puberty) that have increased during this pregnancy don't worry to much about them they are your stripes and you have earned them tigress! 

Top Tip: Use Akuaba Belly Butter on your hair to seal in moisture!


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