23 July 2012

Guest Post: 3D Nails

Black Pearl 
Um excitement! There has been a lot of innovation with nails and nail art over the last year with an emergence of effects and textures and intricate print nail wraps, but this has got me slow motion fist punching the air. For those of you who have not already seen these, let me introduce you to the Caviar Manicure, the 3D embellished, designer nail look by Ciate.

Mother of Pearl
The Caviar Manicare duo from Ciate, designed to create a striking 3D manicure effect, features one nail polish and one bottle of caviar pearl nail beads. This hotly coveted collection is available in 4 colour combos: black pearls, mother of pearl, rainbow and exclusive to Selfridges, red,white and blue, but can be worn over any nail varnish brand or base colour so the combinations are endless. A definite conversation piece

On the down side these effects will not last more than a couple of days without chipping, but they will be great for occasions. I'm thinking Summer brides in Mother of Pearl, graduates in Black Pearl and anyone lucky enough to be in attendance for the London Olympics could show some national pride with the Selfridges red, white and blue Jubilee exclusive, go Team GB!

These kits are on sale at a number of stockist for an average of £18. Check out Ciate for full details.

Jubilee exclusive to Selfridges


use discount code: WIGWITCH