10 July 2012

The Event: Curlvolution presents Curlfriend’s Day Out

The first ever Curlvolution was a great success that I’m proud to have been a part of. The day began with a Blogger Q&A, where a panel of 5 UK Bloggers including myself, and fellow member of Team Naturalbelle, Laila-Jean, shared the hotspot alongside Wunmi (Woman In The Jungle), Fiona (Love Your Tresses), and Pelumi (Care For Your Hair).

The atmosphere was so positive at the Curlfriend’s Day Out and was brilliantly encouraged by Motivational Speaker and Host Action Jackson, who had us repeating how “amazing” we were, at every opportunity.

Throughout the day I was busy helping out on the Be Unique stall, which has given me a new respect for vendors – it’s not as easy as it looks.

The ultimate show-stopper had to be the Big-Chop Make-Over.
Even before the stylists from Adornment 365 made that first snip, the room was cheering in support of the 2 volunteers who had not only made the decision to go natural by Big Chopping, but had also agreed to have it done live in front of an audience of at least 200 people.
As the locks hit the floor, both the ladies on stage and in the audience began to get teary eyed. The ladies were taken backstage for the rest of the day to complete their BC Make-overs, and when they returned the whole room erupted with excitement. The ladies looked fantastic and being part of the experience even just as a witness in the audience was incredibly moving.  



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