10 June 2012

Solange Knowles Models &....Resigns As Vice President

Ms Knowles has been busy! not only appearing in this editorial for Glamour Magazine FR but also letting rip via twitter (the celebrity place for public outbursts check it out here) about how much she hates talking about her hair...by erm talking about her hair.

 "my hair is not very important to me.....so I don't encourage it to be important to you"
The Carols Daughter poster girl and currently one of their natural hair bloggers is just so damn sick of talking about her natural hair (which she insists she rarely does)

Solange has never struck me as someone who is natural because of a life style choice, rather it fits the look that she is going for at the moment, which is fine by me as long as she keeps wearing fierce shoes.

Solange is fast becoming the queen of the twitter rant, this is one of the few instances I would encourage Solo to take notes from big sis and just let the haters hate and hold a dignified silence in regards to the Natural Nazi's being all up in your twist out! (solange knowles hates twist outs and doesn't sleep with a satin cap ya'll! stop the f**king press!)

So remember people Solange Knowles is NOT the vice president of team natural......but if their was a president of natural hair who would it be?? (answers on a postcard please)

Now go ahead and look at the pretty pictures of Solo but shhhhhhhh don't mention the H-A-I-R!

I love Solange! and her H-A-I-R 


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