22 May 2012

Say It With A T-Shirt?

This morning I found a link to this site from a reader in my inbox! The Swirl Syndicate is a website dedicated to multi racial slogan tee's for teeny tiny people. The brand wants to show the richness of having mixed heritage with slogans 'I'm swirled', 'cafe con leche'  and 'she's my mommy, not my nanny'......I'm in two minds about the slogans though I get the tongue in cheek references I'm not sure about having my baby's ethnic origin emblazed across his/her chest. To me the tee's defeat the purpose and boarder on racial stereo typing whilst highlighting 'otherness', would it still be cute if a white baby wore a 'Caucasian' t-shirt? I think teaching children cultural pride starts at home and parents have a duty to amerce there child in it's cultural heritage whatever that may be. However the Tee's are really popular and lots of parents adore them.
what say you?


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