30 April 2011

The Print: 'Ethnic' Print

It's becoming the 'go to' print for summer, bright, bold, mostly african prints. The print has been labeled by the industry as 'ethnic'. last year a few celebrities (such as Kelis, Beyonce & solange) were working the trend, the brand Boxing Kitten has a big celebrity following but the look has also been seen on the catwalk for 2011 at L.A.M.B and Oscar De la renta.
although african fabric is hardly a new thing!!(not going to take it there!) i'm glad it is getting the recoginition and reincarnation, i'm loving the new shapes and styles (batik brogues anyone!)
I seems the look is here to stay! yay!
i'm on the hunt for a pair of african print shorts......

have you been rocking the look?

The Dress: Neon

The Shirt

The Turabanista: leighving

The Inspiration: Bows and Buns


The Dress: Amber Rose

My forever BC Chick looking curvy and gorgeous...oh amber how i've missed you and your short skirts!

The Scarf: Rihanna

The Turbans

28 April 2011

The Singer: Wynter Gordan

Model Liberation!

I'm loving the turn of her blog, outfits? style posts?

oh yes yes yes!

Blogger spotlight: Abby's World+ Temple Tresses


Ivie & Azza

The Turbanista: Marian Kihogo

The Skirt: Solo's Graphic Print

Natural Belle is 3 years old!

It's Natural Belle's 3rd Blogiversary!
it's doesn't feel like 3 years.......but we have come along way since the black background and samsung camera phone pic's! 
and I couldn't have done it without.....
Stacey my BFF and part time PR (thanks love your support is endless, advice flawless and I will get you on here one day!!)
Mr Natural Belle, love of my life and sometimes photographer (thank you......)
Folake of StylePantry in you I have made a true friend
Liz Earle & Lush you are so supportive thank you!
and mostly my followers!!!!!
you guys rock my world, keep me humble, pick me up, and inspire me like no other's!

Thank You