31 January 2011

The Sisterhood

this is adorable!

Benetton SS2011: it's my time

hoorah! the new campaign for Benetton has finally arrived starring the lovely coralie!, all the gorgeous models were chosen from the 'it's my time' model search that Benetton have been running for two seasons now! i love how they have all been styled, and i must must must! get my hand on these candy coloured suede brogues

Introducing Calamity Jane

hey guys and doll's, things are afoot! we have a wonderful edition to the naturalbelle family (which untill recently included myself and Mr naturalbelle!) the lovely Calamity Jane will be writing fortnightly articles for us to feast on! about everything to do with our  great city and culture.
so to break up all the narcissism (me) and the  fashion posts (ME AGAIN) we are going to throw in some! articles some completely random some so on point they may cut you!(just a little bit)
Calamity Jane  is a talented and provoking, witty writer, who writes regularly for New African Woman, but i do her no justice, so in her own words.......

Calamity Jane 

"Natural Belle has gone all wordy? Thanks to the foresight of the lovely Ms Belle we are going to try something new.

How can I best describe what lies ahead? Hmm (bemused face)… I want to pontificate about the cultural significance of my writing and the gravitas it will command from the world of fashion, music and art. But that would be grossly overestimating the truth, as you will soon discover.

Welcome to my Stream of Consciousness, a place where anything can and will happen. If you thought Leonardo Di Caprio (who sadly hasn’t blossomed into the hot man he showed promise of in his youth) in Inception discovered a novel way of approaching the tedious in life by immersing himself in dream, you are about to enter a realm of consciousness that makes a mockery of dream. A place where thoughts you traditionally kept hidden, comments you would never dare utter in a public forum (although your mother does, much to your dismay) and experiences that make you quiver with shame, are extolled with rigour. We’ve all been there and from now until you bore of me, I remove the label of ‘shame’ and share several of my own excruciating tales of wonder as a black woman observing my way through this crazy world.

In seeking to do so, there will be one universal continuum, a ubiquitous force, a character if you will, in the pantomime of my life…. That is my city! The wonder that is London town; arguably the greatest city on earth. I’m going to remind you of what’s happening, where, and when.  From theatre (As we Forgive Them at the Arcola or the now closed Fela at the National which blew my mind); music (Sade’s first UK tour date in over ten years at the O2); carnival (the do’s and don’ts); the funky markets (Deptford to Brick Lane) books (reviews and readings at famous West London literary club); blogs (natural belle obviously); photography (2012 heroes at the National Portrait Gallery); design/ architecture (Peckham library); fashion (Sika design – Ghana born London designer featured in vogue). Whatever’s hot and of interest to the black community can be featured. The cooler (in that phrase I have just revealed my age), the more cutting edge the better.

Let me know your thoughts, your experiences and include tales of life in your cities. This is not supposed to be a one sided dialogue, I expect nothing less than charm, wit, a degree of jaded cynicism (don’t fight it, embrace it) and intelligence from Natural Belle’s astute readers. Let the tête-à-tête begin…."

Calamity Jane 
Be sure to check out Calamity Jane's article in New african woman this month as she dares to discuss natural hair! gasp!

natural belle is all about supporting each other, so if you are a musician, writer, designer, poet, photographer, artist.........get in touch there is space in my little online world for talent, passion, and creativity
i can not promise to showcase everyone but i will try my best.

outfit of the day

vintage skirt
primark blouse
dorothy perkins earrings
river island shoes
primark belt

I'm loving my canary yellow nails!! i used 17 nail polish from boots, i also used a matte topcoat from the same brand! its ace I may put one into the giveaway!!

The Copy: ASOS dress

Jill Sander

ASOS egg maxi dress £45

The results of a jill sander and Prada conbination! ASOS are hot on the spring/summer trends, and i love this colour of colbolt blue! is there still really 4 months left till maxi dresses and sandels??

The Angel's

is it just me or does this picture kind of define the season! 1970's, Coral, big hair!

SAG Awards: Glee girl's come out on top

the glee girls have every right to be gleeful the awards season is in full swing and these starlets are really upping there game, heather morris looked delightful in peach, and Lea wore sequins that looked like a second skin! amber riley stood out by going against the SAG grain and wearing black which hardly anyone did (it was a blush, cream, white, pink affair) she was look great and i loved the weave this time round much neater (still would have preferd an updo)

hite seemed to be a colour choice for most, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams and Eva Longaria rocked it! i enjoyed natalies dress far better that the rose!! up her game for that oscar win?

what do you think?


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