31 December 2011

Natural Belles Songtress of the Year: Janelle, Esperanza & Corinne

Another tough call this year for my singer of 2011, so close I had to pick 3 ladies for the honor
After seeing Janelle Monae early this year she had to make my list, breathtaking artistic and one of the most talented performers right now, with monochrome uniform and natural pompadour she has made my year!
I also could not pass over Eperanza spading, the suprise Grammy winner of 2011 (sorry beiber fans) stole many hearts including mine at her uk performance at the barbican last April, not only does she rock the fiercest Afro she is uber talented, bringing jazz and classical music to an audience who may have missed it.
Finally I have to give props to the come back queen Corrine bailey Rae who after the death of her husband has returned with a breathtaking album. Her hair and style have grown, now a regular at fashion week wowing the press with her chic style choices
3 amazing talents that will continue to be music to our ears.....Janelle, Esperanza & Corinne we applaud you!


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