14 December 2011

The Dress War

I finally got my hands on a Stella McCartney style dress, after over a week of emails and twitter rows with boohoo.com my dress finally arrived! the Boohoo.com Customer service team are officially rubbish! and I will never order from the company again. After charging me £3.99 for delivery, the postman could not find my address and sent back my package (I had it sent to work) I sent a series of emails that where not replied too, I took my queries to twitter where a customer service rep from Boohoo apparently was going to deal with my missing dress....HA! I then had to chase up the twitter CS rep for my dress to be delivered a week after it's original date and the postman didn't even get anyone to sign for it! in there defence they did apologise via email for the delay but they still charged me postage! even though the dress didn't arrive in time for the event. I went on to order two dresses from ASOS.com which arrived before the boohoo dress and guess what the delivery was FREE! 
The Boohoo dress itself cost me £20 and looks great in the pictures, in person the jersey won't stand up to much and the mesh is white not black which I thought was weird. but it looks nice on, I'll need spanx pants but that is no fault of Boohoo.com! as fast throwaway fashion it does the job.
anyway no use crying over it....enjoy the pictures!


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