14 November 2011

The Editorial: Black Americana

The first instalment of Black Americana by Brandon Littlejohn, a four part photo essay that aims to reclaim the black american image. These vintage inspired shorts are divine it is hard to find good retro inspired images that feature black people. These pin up inspired images are great and feed into my love for reproduction vintage, (my favourite movies are Cadillac records and dream girls) Littlejohn discussed his inspiration he says,  "I wanted to tell that story. Some of my influences and references show up directly in the photos. I did a lot of photo research through vintage Ebony, JET, and Life magazines. I looked at a lot of advertisements from the Mad Men era. Of course, photos icons like Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Haywood, Grace Kelly, and Eartha Kitt played a huge role as well"
check out the full interview with Littlejohn and the full set of images by Rod Gailes at vogue.it


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