19 October 2011

Tracee Ellis Ross: Reed Between The Lines

Episode 4 of  Reed Between The Lines starring hairspirational Tracee Ellis-Ross aired in the US over the last few days and apparently the episode titled 'Lets Talk About Hair' has had rave review amongst the natural hair community for it's approach to what is so dear to our hearts hair! 
The episode looks at the mother daughter relationship, though I haven't seen the episode, I've been told the daughter character straightens her hair for some reason and mother shares some wise words on loving yourself (in a nutshell!) cheesy? (possibly) but still great to see black women's hair actually being discussed on prime time (or cable TV).....I'm trying desperately to find the episode on-line so if anyone has a link you know what to do!

Did you see the episode? what did you think? is it worth the hours I'm going to spend trying to find it!


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