11 October 2011

The Review: PhytoSpecific Hydra-Repairing Spray

PhytoSpecificHydra-Repairing Spray  has been Created for naturally curly, and relaxed hair it helps with protecting hair against heat styling and other environmental aggressors . I found PhytoSpecific Hydra-Repairing Spray to be very moisturising, due to the mishap I had earlier in the year with the Dark & Lovely colour application the ends of my hair have become dry and a brittle, though I have been gradually cutting the damaged ends of my hair off I still have weak patches.  
PhytoSpecific Hydra-Repairing Spray combined  botanical Proteins that repair the hair, and Alkekengi, rich Vitamin C and fruit Acids,which  helps soften and restructure damaged ends. Rice Bran and Grapeseed oils provide benefits to help protect the hair against the environment while restoring moisture levels. I used the PhytoSpecific Hydra-Repairing Spray on damp hair before I blow out my hair on a low heat,  I noticed that was soft after the blowout , I also used the spray as a refresher for my hair if it is feeling a bit dry and tired spray into hair for and instant lift!

Key ingredients:
Rice Brand Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Tocopherol, Complex of Botanical Proteins, Alkekengi, Wood Cellulose
PhytoSpecific Hydra-Repairing Spray is not 100% natural but if you are not concerned with chems/have relaxed hair (I have alot of relaxed readers too!) I would definitely check out this range here

the ingredients


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