3 October 2011

The Review: Creamy Cafe Latte

Those who follow me on twitter will know that besides debating the X factor, I've also been trying out some Anita Grant products. I have recently tried Anita Grant shampoo bars (which I’m in love with!)

Next on my list is Anita Grant's Creamy Cafe Latte(£6.95), made from pure Brazilian coffee oil, Organic virgin coconut oil, fair trade cocoa butter and Australian macadamia nut oil.

you can imagine how divine this product smells, is a sealant and can be used to seal in moisture on wet hair or on dry hair to revive and detangle parched hair.

I used Creamy Cafe Latte on my signature do, using water spray to dampen hair then using the Latte from root to tip, and defining my ends by finger coiling my hair

I loved this product, mostly because it made my hair shiny soft and considering it is made up of oils and butters it's not very greasy at all which is a must for me!

As you all know I’m not a purist, I do use products that contains non natural ingredients, however I’d be the first person to say there is something about natural products that just feels better for my hair and my soul.

The science bit

Brazilian Coffee Oil is an effective astringent & antioxidant which has the same 4.5 pH as our skin.

Australian Macadamia Nut Oil contains vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, Vitamin. E, plus niacin and folic acid which are transported direct to where it's needed - with the help of Virgin Coconut Oil.

Organic Fijian Virgin Coconut Oil reduces protein loss carrying beneficial nutrients to scalp, skin and curly Afro hair.

Organic Unrefined Black Cocoa Butter a non greasy brown butter with a decadent chocolate scent that's velvety smooth and literally sinks right into your skin and hair
learn more about the ingredients and product here


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