5 October 2011

My Autumn LookBook: Prt 1 The Jumper

You have all probably noticed my lack of outfit of the day posts. I will no longer to taking outfit pictures everyday,  due to lack of time and the difficulty is chasing light in the winter months, I will be posting seasonal look books, recent purchases and the occasional outfit of the week!
Thank you to those who have supported my outfit of the day posts but I want to give you the quality images you deserve, Natural Belle will still be updated Daily!

So this is how it's going to go down....seasonally I will be posting a selections of looks I will be coveting, highlighting key pieces.

Look 1: 
The Jumper
from H&M Trend
the jumper 2 by naturalbelle featuring knit tops
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This not a recent purchase, I've had it almost a year and haven't really felt it until now, I'm hoping to pick up some more acid bright oversized jumpers to wear with leather shorts, mini skirts, and skinny jeans

the jumper by naturalbelle featuring skinny leg jeans
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