24 September 2011

The Review: Hyper Hydrator

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Dr Perricone new range Super, a preventative, effective and complete new skincare line that uses the power of superfoods.
Super foods are not just benificial when eaten, Super take the powers of food like Ginger, Apples, watercress, coconut and even chilli
I've been trying the Hyper Hydrator(£29.90) face cream from the range and it is amazing! Hyper Hydrator is great for my combination skin, its moisterizing without being oily i've been using it everyday for the last two weeks and it's my new baby!
Hyper Hydrator contains freshly tapped coconut water, Dr Perricone has found that coconut water is filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidents the quench thirsty skin and of course it smells devine.

I only need a tiny bit of Hyder Hydrator I'm finding that unlike some face creams it acts as a primer for my foundation giving a smoother application, it doesn't say that on the packet but it definately does!
The whole Super range will be available at boots now!


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