14 September 2011

In Love with LURVE

Julia Sarr Jamois by Ronald Dick for LURVE magazine
Sometimes things go so far under the radar that they can be totally missed, call it fate or call it serendipity, I have been introduced to independent magazine LURVE is a visual feast and not your average Magazine. The pages include art, fashion with an ahead of the trend air that doesn't come off as arrogant or pretentious. 
I can not wait to get my hands on a copy and smell that smell that comes only from indie magazines (do you know the smell? fresh cut paper and ink) The fall Issue is to be dedicated to models of colour and with these taster images I'm really excited about what is to come, there will also be some possible natural hair talk from someone you may or may not know.......(my lips are sealed)
be sure to check out the LURVE blog here you'll find they have a healthy obsession with Julia Sarr Jamois (who doesn't?)

Coralie & Lola by Cecile Bortoletti for LURVE magazine

Coralie  by Cecile Bortoletti for LURVE magazine

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