21 September 2011

The Hidden Natural

There is a new Naturalista frequenting the celebrity world. The 'Hidden Natural', are those who have natural hair but never wear it in public, either wearing weaves or flat ironing their hair. Most recently Angela Simmons took to twitter showcasing her natural afro hair. Twitter and a lot of the natural hair forums and blogs where quick to embrace her as a new found natural, however Angela never wears her hair in it’s natural state so should we care that she is natural?
Angela talked about her natural hair with BGLH recently and when asked if she would ever wear her natural hair out in public she replied “without flat ironing it? No” she goes on to champion the ease of weaves for her busy schedule and that she likes to workout fair enough! many of us have unprocessed hair and keep it in a protective style more often then not.  I’m not hating on her or any other celebs for wearing weaves, natural haired celebs such as June Ambrose, Oprah and Beyonce are almost never seen wearing their natural hair. However blogs and forums seem so quick to champion a natural celeb who doesn’t promote or highlight their natural beauty at all. Weaves are a great protective style, but it seem that the Hidden Naturals steer clear of the natural kinky aesthetic and mainly wear long silky weaves, so as much as some state 'ease' for their style choices, I can’t help but feel that it may be more to do with how they preserve their natural  hair texture, wearing your natural hair does not mean that it has to be worn in a afro there are many ways to wear natural hair for all occasions.
I'm not sure why we feel the need to promote celebrities who do nothing to change perceptions of our natural hair in the media.  On the other hand I do not believe that Angela is ‘not really natural’ like some commenters have mentioned, this is utter rubbish but for the purposes of highlighting natural hair as a viable style choice(which is what naturalhair blogs hope to do) Angela would not be my first choice for natural hair ‘poster child’  
I for one would much rather hear from celebritys like Solange Knowles who alternates between natural textured weaves, box braids and her natural hair, Corinne Bailey Rae who retains length and healthy hair without constant protective styling or Janelle Monae and Esperanza Spalding who have as packed a schedule as Angela Simmons yet still manage to wear their natural hair regularly.

Read Angela's Interview here on BGLH she discusses her fashion line and maintaining her hair.

What do you think about the rise of the ‘Hidden Natural’? Do you think knowing someone is natural underneath makes a difference to the natural hair community? Do you even care about celebrities ‘coming out’ as natural?

*this does not come from a place of hate against weave wearers; this is a natural hair blog with much love for all hair style choices so put down your pitch forks!
*please remember to sign off your comments with a name/nickname anonymous comments will be deleted


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