7 September 2011

Discussion: You Look Just Like Macy Gray...

Jolly middle class white man  "wow you look just like Macy Gray"
Belle gives the side eye but replies "thank you"
Jolly middle class white man "Yes you look just how she does on the album I have at home"

This is how it goes down most days the same comments, you can replace Macy with Lauryn Hill, Keisha from the SugarBabes , that bird from The Noisettes (because god forbid anyone learns her name!) I've even been compared to Michelle Obama.
Don't get me wrong each of these women are talented and beautiful so I'm not hating on being compared to them per say....but the only resemblance I see is that we have the same complexion. Not one of these women look anything alike and I don't think they look like me.When did being brown mean we all started to look the same? why do people not look at MY face rather than  my universal defining features (fuller lips, brown skin ect) WE DO NOT ALL LOOK THE SAME.
I shall take the comments as they are intended and feel flattered  and not in any way offended, he was a very jolly man! 

......What do you ladies think? Who do you 'look' like? 


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