19 September 2011

Anita Grant Shampoo Bars

Considering I've been blogging about natural hair since 2008, you would think i've tried every product on the market But there are many things I haven't tried such as, ACV rinses, Henna & Shampoo Bars! alas  I have only recently been intrudced Anita Grant products. Anita was kind enough to gift me with some goodies from her range, which I'm slowly working my way through. It's so far so great! I've been using her all natural hand made Babassu Shampoo Bars, I've been using the unscented version but they come in a few scents such as peppermint & lavender (great for stimulating your scalp!)
Anita Grant shampoo bars are free of artifial nasties, the best thing about them is that they work up a larther almost instantly and give that clean feel with out stripping your natural hair oils. Check out Anita's website to find out more on Shampoo Bars
For those product novices her website is great for finding out about ingrediants and easy to use products. My quest for the perfect shampoo is now over! I'm hooked on shampoo bars! I shall have to stock up on a few as Mr Naturalbelle has taken to showering with mine! which is fine as they do double up as body bars.

From £6.95 for 110grams

I'll be reviewing some more from the Anita Grant line soon so stay tuned


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