21 August 2011

The Lost Movement

Mr Naturalbelle and I headed off for another stroll along the south bank which is becoming one of our Sunday rituals. We love the south bank it's a great place to be in London and for the most part it's free, we love the mix of performance you can catch from classical to street dance.
we were lucky to catch  street dancers The Lost Movement, one of which happened to be a fan of Natural Belle! (pictured above)  such a sweet bunch of young people doing something productive with their summer afternoon, raising money for charity by dancing(very well) for the crowds along the south bank. The young people of London have been getting a raw deal lately but their are fantastic young people out there making a difference in the community.
Please follow the lost movement on Twitter @thelostmovement
and check out their channel on YouTube
Please support them by following them on twitter they are new group being productive so they need all our link love


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