21 August 2011

Cool Momma

Unfortunately, I had to drop out of the Sakura Bloom Styleathon hosted by the wonderful Leigh at Marvellous Kiddo because all of a sudden my workload and family events went through the roof leaving me little time  to blog and make pretty videos. All of the other mamas were super cool and sexy though so you should defo check it out.
However I just wanted to write a note to say how surprised I am at how much I love my sling. I never thought I would get over the sturdiness of my Baby Bjorn, but the Sakura sling has crept into my handbag (I dont really have a nappy bag) as a daily essential. Roman loves it too. At least once when we’re out with the pushchair he will tire of looking up at the sky and want to be held at my level. He loves it and so do I.
This photo is of a very sad occasion at the funeral of my best friends mother. It was important I was there for her. I also know how much she loves Roman, so even though people said it was weird, I took him along too - I knew he would make my friend happy.
The sling a binding tool between me and my baby… it keeps us close, makes him feel protected, but gives him enough independence that he can feel at adult height. I’ll be wearing mine for a while…I love it when the media highlights bloggers and I was thrilled that The Sunday Times Style supplement, took note of some mummy moguls in the blogsphere! The articles talks about the new trend of  'hipster mums' taking on life, baby in sling and blogging about it.
One of the fierce mummys Sharmadean Reid founder of Wah Nails a London based nail art boutique that you will find in Topshop! she blogs at londonmomma.tumblr.com (pictured on the right)
I love how London Momma and blogs like it show mothers that life doesn't have to be all nappys and sleepless nights(though that is a part of it) when you have a child and their are ways to incorporate being mummy and mogul* without sacrificing either.
After reading the article I was prompted to post my favourite mothers that are deserving of the 'hipster mum' title!

Halle and Nahla

Folake and my nieces

Selma and Arthur

Kimora and Kiddies

Gwen and her Boys

Solange and son Julzes

*it does help if you are a billionaire and have 12 nannies!  however there are real women out there working damn hard to make it work I salute you all

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